Factory requirement for modified atmosphere packaging
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Factory requirement for modified atmosphere packaging

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Update time : 2021-05-16 15:48:17
The biggest feature of food modified atmosphere preservation packaging is that the preservation gas can inhibit the reproduction of bacteria and microorganisms to the greatest extent, extend the preservation time and quality of food, and maintain the original flavor, taste and characteristics of the food through this form.

We know that the basic conditions for the growth of bacteria are nothing more than adequate nutrition, suitable temperature and humidity, suitable pH, suitable dissolved oxygen, etc. These conditions are easy to exist in the food production environment and food. Therefore, Taking measures to control the breeding source of bacteria is an important task for food producers. At the same time, it is also one of the important prerequisites for ensuring a longer preservation and shelf life for foods packaged in modified atmosphere preservation. What we call the fresh-keeping gas in the modified atmosphere fresh-keeping package can only inhibit the reproduction of bacteria, and cannot fundamentally eradicate the bacteria. The number of colonies adsorbed on the food surface before packaging will directly affect the freshness and shelf life of the food after modified atmosphere packaging.

Requirements of Modified Atmosphere Packaging for Production Workshop

There should be a relatively independent packaging clean workshop, the grade of clean room should not be lower than GB50687-2011 grade III, the ambient temperature should be lower than 15℃, and ultraviolet and ozone sterilizers should be set for regular disinfection. The floor, wall, etc. should be compatible with the required clean room level to prevent contamination of food, food contact surfaces and food packaging to the greatest extent.
Raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products, raw and cooked food, and packaging should be processed in separate and completely separated production areas; the entry and exit routes of production personnel in different clean areas should be strictly separated.
The equipment layout should be arranged in a compact manner according to the production process, the equipment of the same type should be appropriately concentrated, and the staff in the clean room should be restricted to a mini mum. There should be sufficient safe maintenance and cleaning distances between operating platforms, between equipment, and between equipment and building envelope.
The process design should make the food transportation distance the shortest and avoid the round trip of people and materials (items). The logistics entering the clean room should be separated from the flow of people, and different channels should be used to achieve one-way transportation without crossing.

Requirements of Modified Atmosphere Preservation Packaging for Production Workers

Before entering the packaging workshop, personnel should strictly change shoes, change clothes, wear hats, wear masks, etc. The passing room should include storage of rain gear, change of shoes, storage of outer clothing, toilets, washrooms, shower rooms, and change of clean or sterile work clothes. , Change the sterile shoes and air shower room and other parts. The undressing area and the clean clothing area in the dressing room should be separated, and the clean clothing area should be designed in accordance with the GB50687-2011 Class III ~ IV clean room standard. Before entering the workshop, check the shielding and protection of the mouth, nose, ears, and hair, and carefully clean and disinfect the hands in strict accordance with the operating procedures. In addition to cleaning the place, a hand sanitizer or hand sanitizing wipes should also be added at the appropriate place in the production personnel passage.

Requirements of Modified Atmosphere Packaging for Food Processing Appliances and Packaging Materials

Tools, containers, etc. used for food processing should be dedicated, disinfected before use, washed after use, and stored in a dedicated cleaning facility.
The surface of the workbench, logistics equipment and packaging equipment in the workshop should be disinfected before use, and should be cleaned after use. If it cannot be cleaned, it should be kept clean by wiping.
The packaging materials entering the clean area should be cleaned, blown and unpacked in the unpacking room. The unpacking room should be set across the clean area and the non-clean area.

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