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What is Vacuum Skin Packaging(VSP)

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Update time : 2021-03-08 12:58:24
What is the skin packaging of food? Skin packaging is to heat the skin packaging film to soften it and cover it on the product and the bottom plate. At the same time, vacuum suction is activated under the bottom plate to form the skin film according to the shape of the product and paste it on the bottom plate.

Advantages of food skin packaging:
1. The packaging style is novel, high-value appearance attracts consumers, and consumers' desire to buy is increased
The skin film is heated and packaged by the food vacuum skin packaging machine, and the skin is packaged in a three-dimensional form. The skin film on the surface is tightly attached to the product. Consumers can more intui tively observe the product they want to buy and have a better vision The appearance can increase consumers' desire to buy.

2. Comply with market changes and have obvious advantages in preservation
The application of skin packaging machines in food packaging in China is borrowed from developed countries in Europe and America. It is a new type of packaging technology and will become a future development trend. After the product is packaged by the skin, the skin film is tightly attached to the product, and the seamless fit avoids the loss of product nutrients, and the freshness preservation effect is obvious.

3. For fresh products, the packaging is exquisite and welcomed by service providers
Although the cost of the products packaged by the food vacuum skin packaging machine is 2-3 times higher than the cost of ordinary packaging, because the product is not deformed by the food skin packaging machine, the product itself is maintained, and the skin film is again Close to the product, it locks the nutritional value of the product itself. Consumers can touch the product to enhance the intimacy. The product packaging is easy to uncover and easy to access. For service providers and consumers, novel packaging can increase consumption. The desire of buyers to increase sales.

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