Big Chamber belt type Vcuum packing machines

Big Chamber belt Vcuum packing machines

Big Chamber belt type Vcuum packing machines

Chamber belt machines


Automated and efficient for packing large batches in film pouches.

Our various chamber belt machines, which are also designed for durability, are equally impressive in their high level of production output and pack quality - even when being used under maximum load in non-stop mode. They are ideally suited to automated packing of large batches in film pouches. Thanks to the automatic product infeed conveyor, the loading process is decoupled from the actual packaging process.

By combining with shrink and drying units, they can be extended to automated shrink packaging lines.
Machine size L2560mm*W1200mm*1140mm
Sealing length 1000mm*2
Sealing width 6mm
Size between 2 sealing bar 700mm
Vacuum pump Germany Busch 320
Power 7.5kw
Chamber size L1100mm*W890mm*H230mm
Voltage 380V 400V 415V customized

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