big chamber vertical vacuum packing machine

big chamber vertical vacuum packing machine

big chamber vertical vacuum packing machine

This vacuum packer is special designed with big and vertical vacuum chamber, which support it pack big bags. It suit for all the products with smallbag, especially perfect for powder and liquid vacuum.

Vacuum pack will protect products from oxidation or spoilage caused by bacterial growth, thus to prolong its shelf-life and storage time.
It can also pack 5kg 10kg 15kg 20kg 25kg nuts cashew rice etc


Model DZ-600LD
Voltage 200V/380Vcan be customized
Vacuum pump Chinese vacuum pump or Germany Busch vacuum pump
Power of pump 1.1kw
Sealing 1pcs*600mm lengthwidth 10mm
Power of heating 1.1kw
Packing capacity 1-2cycles/min
Size of vacuum chamber L640mm*W480mm*D580mm
Material of machine body 304 stainless steel
Overall size L740mm*W940mm*D1160mm
Net weight 315kg
Control system Time control with PCB
Gas flushing Optional
Certificate CE

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