external vertical vacuum packing machine for big bag

external vertical vacuum packaging machine for big bag

external vertical vacuum packing machine big bag outside type vacuum packaging machine price nuts beans grains

Multi functions
Function 1. Vacuum-seal
Function 2. Vacuum-gas flush-seal
may co khi external vacuum packing machine vertical big bag outside type vacuum packaging machine price nuts Advantage
--- Support big bag and wide range of bags material also thickness.
--- Only cost 15s-20s per cycle.
--- Low gas consumption, and it can fill sufficient gas into bag.
--- Easy to operate and maintain.
--- Equipped with oil/water seperator and dust filter.
--- Height of work table is adjustable. 
--- Flow of gas flush can be adjusted. 
--- Low noise. 
Model DZ-600F DZ-700F DZ-800F DZ-900F DZ-1000F DZ-1200F
Seal size 600*8mm 700*8mm 800*8mm 900*8mm 1000*8mm 1200*8mm
Maxi bag size 580*900mm 680*900mm 780*900mm 880*900mm 980*900mm 1180*900mm
Nozzle number Stand machine is 2 nozzles. 3 or 4 nozzles is optional
Material 304 grade stainless steel
Voltage & power 110V/220V/240V/380V       50HZ/60HZ      1 or 3 phase      0.75-1.2KW
Heat system Single heat system
Controller Waterproof PCB controller, language in English
Function Vacuum, gas flush, seal. Gas flush function can be closed if need
Spare parts 1 set wre nch, allen key, teflon cloth, heat strip, English manual
Overall size(L*W*H) 700*700*1800mm 800*700*1800mm 900*700*1800mm 1000*700*1800mm 1100*700*1800mm 1300*700*1800mm
Net weight 150KG 160KG 180KG 200KG 220KG 240KG
Air compressor Air compressor is required for this machine, buyer shall prepare it himself.

If bag thicker than 0.2mm, we suggest double heat system, with extra cost.
Max 4 nozzles can be equiped for customized machine, with extra cost. 

tag:DZ 600 F Vacuum Seal Packing Machine

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