pneumatichot water shrink tank with conveyor

pneumatic hot water shrink tank with conveyor

hot water shrink tank
hot water shrink tank with conveyor

Hot Water Shrinking Machine

This machine is a food packing bag sterilization and shrinking machine using water as a heating medium.Main features:
1.Nice design and finishing.
2.Prevent water loss in meat.
3.Increase meat tenderness.
4.Enforce the sealing strength.
5.After sealing,the bag thinkness is increased.Therefore it can increase water resistence and toughness.
6.After shrinking,oxygen barrier is higher.In good hygiene condition and temperture control.Pork packed by this method can have 40-day sheif life.
Voltage 220V;  220V 3PH;  380V 3PH;  50HZ/60HZ
Power Heating pipe 2X4.5KW /  Motor 0.2KW
Water tank size 600X500X498mm ≈150L
Load  Max 50KG
Stroke Max 330mm
Material SUS304
Dimension 1010*697*1300mm
Control method Automatic (cyclic) / manual (single)
Weight ≈100KG