thermoforming vacuum packaging machine

thermoforming vacuum packaging machine

thermoforming vacuum packaging machine

Thermoforming vacuum packaging machine for dates in SOFT film

Thermoforming vacuum packaging machine for dates in Rigid film

meat sausage egg beef food in soft film 

sausage seafood food in rigid film

Thermoforming Packaging Machine from WECANPAK NANTONG CORPORATION. is made of stainless steel, in line with food hygiene and safety. Durable transmission chain can clip the film more than 2 million times. Servo motor provides precise and fast forward. Multi-lingual PLC touch screen. Able to work with automatic filling machine, date injecting, date thermal printing, film easy to tear, water cooling machine, etc. Simple, easy change over for die sets; Custom die size. Automatic notice for insufficient film supply. High-speed production can reduce considerable labor costs. It can be used to package powder, paste, solid and liquid materials. We also offer a variety of options for this machine.


  • Cycle speed is adjustable by touch panel, easy to read and operate (with choice of multi-language)
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • High efficient European Vacuum Pump
  • Forming depth is adjustable
  • Machine can be set up for clear and printed film
  • Fast, simple, easy change over for die sets
  • Safety measures conform to CE regulations


  • Special design is available for various product
  • Cross cutting applies to different pattern
  • Extendable filling area
  • Automatic notice for insufficient film supply function
  • Date injecting, date thermal printing, labeling, water cooling machine


  • Food: to prevent oxidation, mildew, insect borers and dampness; to maintain product freshness and to preserve flavor
  • Electronic or metal parts: to avoid dampness and prevent rust
  • Extend product shelf life
  • Nice appearance
  • Available for special applications


  • Fresh meat, seafood, pickles, vegetables, agricultural products, fruit, vegetarian food, herbs, bean paste, prepared foods, electronic parts, precious metals, precision instruments, medical instruments and medicine...etc.

This machine suit for products in rigid package such as poultry products,meat,seafood,frozen food,bakery,dates palm,fruit and vegetables etc.
It also can fill into nitrogen or gas mixture.It can keep good taste,color and fresh.
The machine frame is 304# Food grade Stainless steel.
machine working procedure: down film thermoform shape-manual loading -printing date-vacuum-sealing-trimming
It support many packing modes:
a. MAP packing
b.vacuum +nitrogen filling
c.seal directly without vacuum.

Model No.: DLZ-520AM DLZ-420AM DLZ-320AM
up film width/thickness 492mm/0.8-0.12mm 392mm/0.8-0.12mm 292mm/0.8-0.12mm
down film width/thickness 522mm/0.8-0.25mm 422mm/0.8-0.25mm 322mm/0.8-0.25mm
Voltage 380V/50HZ/19KW 380V/50HZ/17KW 380V/50HZ/15KW
Over size 6600*1180*1880mm 6150*1080*1880mm 5380*965*1880mm
Weight 2200kg 1900kg 1670kg
Vacuum pump Busch 200m3/h Busch 200m3/h Busch 100m3/h

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