vacuum MAP tray sealer

vacuum MAP tray sealer

vacuum MAP tray sealer

* Support modified atmosphere packaging 
* Ratio of O2/N2/CO2 can be changed as per food 
* Prelong shelf life, remain fresh and taste of food 
* Multipurpose. Able to pack both bag and trays. 
* Multi molds. Able to pack different tray size/shape.
* Customized mold as per client tray 
* Automatic film cut
* Resonable price
* Easy for maintain and operate

Parameter and price
Model DMP-430A DMP-430B Gas mixer
Trays size Tray size not fixed. Machine customized as per client tray  
Tray depth 70mm standard deepth  
Trays per cycle 1-6 trays at the same time  
Pack speed About 2 cycles per minute  
Air compressor Require an air compressor, client prepare it  
Air pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa  
Power 3.5KW 2.5KW 1KW
Voltage 380V/50HZ/3Phase 220V/50HZ/1phase
Vacuum pump ZD brand vacuum pump 63m3/h  
Gas source pressure 0.2-0.3Mpa 0.2-0.3Mpa
Controller PLC + Touch screen
Material Food grade 304 stainless steel
Overall size   1050*720*940mm 700*600*555mm
Net weight 313Kg 245Kg 68Kg
Function Vacuum, gases mixing and filling, sealing Vacuum, gas filling, sealing Premix for gases O2+CO2+N2

* Gas mixer can premix O2/CO2/N2 as per ratio which preset by client. 
* DMP-430A is actually for tray sealer DMP-430B + Gas mixer. 
* Above price do not include air compressor. Contact us for detailed price
* We can customize wider/deeper chamber, Contact us for detailed price. if client has big or deep tray. Tray depth can be maxi 120mm. 
* Voltage can be customized as required. 
* Above price include one mold. Contact us for detailed price of extra mold. The machine support maxi 3 molds. Each tray size/shape require one mold. 
* The machine can also pack bags with gas fill,Contact us for detailed price
* If client order more than 3pcs, there will be discount.

1. Suitable item. Food item like ready meal, meat, fish, sausage, cheese, fruit, vegetables, tofu, salad, sandwich, cooked food etc. 
2. Tray size. Machines are customized accordingly to client tray size/shape. Above is just for reference.
3. Package type. Our machine can support both tray+film and bags. Standard machine only support tray+film, bag packing cost extra.
4. Package material. Trays or bags made from PP / PET/ Aluminium foil. 

How the machine work for MAP?
The machine will remove air from tray, then fill modified gas into tray, and seal cover film. Whole process happens in a closed chamber. 
Oxygen gas (O2). It keep fresh cell sleep but still alive. 
Carbon Dioxide gas(CO2. Inhibit the growth of aerobic bacteria. 
Nitrogen gas (N2). Does not have special function. Nitrogen gas fill after vacuum, it protect good tray shape under atmospheric pressure. 

Multi purpose. Pack both tray and bags
The machine can pack both trays and bags.
Trays. The tray size/shape not fixed. Machine is customized as per client trays. 
Bags. Just remove tray mold, and put another heat/seal unit for bag packing. Cost extra 300USD if need this.

How to change molds?

It can support maxi three molds each machine. It is easy to change. Please check video

Gas mixer set

Gas mixer is an seperate machine. It is easy to preset or change the gases ratio. 
Gas mixer share same PLC with tray sealer, so gas mixer can't work with other machines. 
The input pressure of gas source shall be less than 0.3Mba.

Leackage protect

If there's any short circuit or slight power leackage, it will jump and cut off power

HMI touch screen

It's easy to set parameters. 
Usually it's English for export machine.

Scrap gather handle

Turn handle to gather film scrap. It's easy to remove scrap off the support.

Emergency stop

Once press it, the machine stop immediately, and the cover open.

Brakeable caster

Machine can move easily with it. 
Press the brake, the machine will be fixed well.

Vacuum meter

It's stable, precise, and fast response.



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