Vacuum skin packaging machine for tool PCB non-food

manual vacuum skin packaging machine for tool PCB non-food

Vacuum skin packaging machine for tool PCB non-food

Products Description
Product Name Hot selling hardware tool packaging vacuum skin sealer machine
Model SP-390
Power Supply 380V
Power consumption 7.5KW
Weight 190KG
Packing size 540*390mm
Dimensions 1650*650*1420mm
Film Width 450mm

Hardware tools fittings vacuum skin sealer, SP series vacuum skin packing sealing packaging machine vacuum skin packing machine
Hardware fittings vacuum packaging Hardware tools skin sealerThe product is completely fixed between the paperboard and the film
after the laminate packaging, and can be dustproof, shockproof and moisture-proof.
SP-390 vacuum skin packaging machine is widely used in PCB,furniture hardware,screws pack,bamboo products,key chain/badge,ferrite core,lighting products,

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Simple and beautiful operating table
Sturdy accessories
Strong safe and durable
Wide range applications

Low cost, no molds are needed to package any shape of product, simple packaging process, transport, beautiful three-diamensional sense, moisture and corrosion resistance, etc.

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