Automatic Vacuum Skin Package Machine for Food,Skin Vacuum Packing Machine

Automatic Vacuum Skin Package Machine for Food


Multi purpose food automatic tray sealer SKIN-550D, support VSP and MAP


* Individually built for your trays
* Automatic tray feeding, more sanitary
* Installed with German vacuum pump
* Prolong shelf life of food
* Keep food fresh

* Continuously packing
* Installed with conveyor, enable it work with other machines
* The tray can be heat in microwave oven
* Food more attractive on shelf
* Multi purpose for MAP and VSP

MAP and VSP are the latest Convenience Foods & Ready Meals innovation. They are widely to be used to pack ready meal, fruit, salmon fish, seafood, meat, beef steak, cheese etc.
MAP can keep freshness and ideal taste of food, VSP can make food attractive on shelf. Both MAP and VSP and prolong the shelf life of food.

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