semi-automatic MAP Tray Sealing Machine,Modified Atmosphere Packaging Machines

semi-automatic MAP Tray Sealing Machine

modified atmosphere packaging machine

* Indivdually built for your trays * Automatic film feeding, more sanitary 
* Prelong shelf life of ready meal 
* Support modified atmosphere packaging
* Ratio of O2/N2/CO2 can be changed as per food
* Prelong shelf life, remain fresh and taste of food
* Multi molds. Able to pack different tray size/shape.
* Customized mold as per client tray
* Easy for maintain and operate
Model MPA-450A MPA-450B
Voltage 380V/50HZ/3phase or customized
Controller IDEC PLC + Weinview touch screen
Vacuum pump Chinese top brand ZD vacuum pump 63m3/h from German
Vacuum degree Maxi 0.1Mba
Material Mainly food grade 304SS
Tooling Include 1 tooling for one tray design. It is customized
Packing capacity About 3 cycles per minute
Overall size 1350*1050*1650mm
Weight About 450KG
Gas source pressure 0.2-0.3Mpa
Power consumption About 5KW
Certificate CE
Guarantee 1 year
Language English/Chinese/Spain for option
Air compressor Not include in the price. The air pressure shall be about 0.6-0.8Mpa
Gas mixer Include one inside the machine Exclude
Function Vacuum, O2/N2/CO2 mix and fill, seal Vacuum, nitrogen fill, seal

* Client can change gases ratio on touch screen as need.
* Above price do not include air compressor. It cost additionally
* We can customize wider/deeper chamber, with extra cost. if client has big or deep tray. Tray depth can be maxi 120mm.
* Voltage can be customized as required.
* Above price include one mold. Extra mold cost  additionally. The machine support maxi 3 molds. Each tray size/shape require one mold.
* If client order more than 3pcs, there will be discount.

1. Suitable item. Food item like ready meal, meat, fish, sausage, cheese, fruit, vegetables, tofu, salad, sandwich, pizza, cooked food etc. 
2. Tray size. Machines are customized accordingly to client tray size/shape. Above is just for reference.
3. Package type. Our machine can support tray+film. Opening aid corner is optional, with extra 150USD.
4. Package material. Trays made from PP / PET/ Aluminium foil. 

How the machine work for MAP?
The machine will remove air from tray, then fill modified gas into tray, and seal cover film. Whole process happens in a closed chamber.
Oxygen gas (O2). It keep fresh cell sleep but still alive.
Carbon Dioxide gas(CO2). Inhibit the growth of aerobic bacteria.
Nitrogen gas (N2). Does not have special function. Nitrogen gas fill after vacuum, it protect good tray shape under atmospheric pressure.

How to set touch screen
* We leave different holes for gases on tray sealer. Please connect them with gas source directly. Inflow gas pressure shall be 0.2-0.3Mpa.
* User can adjust gases ratio on touch screen.
* The gas mixer will mix gases and store them in another cylinder inside machine.
* The machine will automatically fill gas once inside gas less than a certain level.
* The touch screen will alarm for insufficient gas source inflow.
* Time for vacuum/gas fill/seal can be adjusted also. If want to close some function, just set the time "0".

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