Vacuum Skin Packaging Film and Tray,Packaging Pouch Film Tray

Vacuum Skin Packaging Film and Tray


Vacuum Skin Packaging is an innovative method through which under the vacuum condiction to seal the product between the skin packagign film and tray. From meat, fish, shellfish(abalone,shrimp, crab, clam ext.), and poultry to hot dog and bacon, it can keep the color, smell, and tenderness, fulfill different kinds of meat and seafood’s need.

Vacuum Skin Packaging Tray is food grade packaging tray.It is popular pack way in worldwide ,especially for seafood,raw meat ,cooked food etc.

This pack way can protect the food fresh,antioxidant,keep the food nutrition .

Food Skin Pack Tray
NO Model Outer Size(mm) Inner Size(mm) Quantity/box
1 D241720 240x170x20 210x130x20 600pcs/box
2 D231422 225x140x22 190x110x22 600pcs/box
3 T242320 240x225x20 210x195x20 400pcs/box
4 D231620 225x160x20 195x130x20 600pcs/box
5 D251720 248x168x20 210x130x20 600pcs/box
6 T361615 360x160x15 330x120x15 300pcs/box
7 T251740 250x170x40 210x130x40 400pcs/box
8 D001 267x168x20 227x135x20 600pcs/box
9 D002 260x189x25 220x155x25 600pcs/box
10 D003 259x176x13 228x145x13 600pcs/box
11 ID-003D20 259X176X20 228X145X20 500pcs/box
12 T004 326x226x20 285x185x20 250pcs/box
13 T005 290x190x20 250x150x20 400pcs/box
14 D-261925 260x185x25 230x155x25 450pcs/box
15 D-261825 260x180x25 235x150x25 500pcs/box
16 ID-224025 215x400x25 185x370x25 260pcs/box
17 ID-201630 193x153x30 163x123x30 900pcs/box
18 D-211545 210x151x45 160x110x45 360pcs/box
19 ID-261910 260x185x10 230x155x10 350pcs/box
20 ID-211720 210x165x20 160x115x20 600pcs/box
21 D251413(透明色) 250x140x13 230x120x13 500pcs/box
22 LF-221518 215X150X18 195x130x18 500pcs/box
23 LF-312120 310X210X20 290x190x20 450pcs/box

If yoou neeed vacuum packing machine,please check for more details