whole bird bagger

tabletop whole bird bagger



Semi-automatic whole bird bagger

Bagging birds has never been easier

Based on our decades-long experience in the poultry processing industry, we have developed our own semi-automatic whole bird bagger. A simple, but very efficient and practical machine to bag your birds. 

  • The bird bagger is a single, pneumatically driven machine to bag birds;
  • it can be expanded to a complete packing section, as multiple bagging machines can be installed on a sturdy stainless steel frame;
  • each frame can be tailored to your specific needs for spacing, number of machines and dimensions;
  • each bagging machine can be adjusted to various poultry sizes, different spoon sizes are available;
  • the baggers are light-weight, can be folded in to create space or slided sideways for optimal positioning in front of various drop-off stations and are easy to clean;
  • also included are a tape unit to seal bags quick and easy, as well as a frame for waste disposal;
  • bags are automatically opened by an air blower, while a funnel keeps the bags open, allowing for a smooth operation;
  • economical: uses just 10 (nominal) liters of air per bird. Other bagging machines require more air and thus a larger compressor; 
  • which will enable a skilled operator to bag up to 500-800 birds per hour with a single machine!


Packing of whole grillers, fresh or frozen, in bags. The machine is operated by 1 or 2 persons. The most efficient way to operate the machine is with 2 persons, one feeding and one clipping. In that case a maximum capacity of 700 birds per hour can be reached. It can handle birds up to 1,800 gram griller weight.


On the right side of the machine a stack of plastic bags is positioned.

The packing operation is performed in following sequence:

  • A whole griller is fed to the machine between the white pushing blocks and the packing funnel
  • The operator activates the machine
  • The lower white pushing block pushes the bird into the funnel
  • On the small side of the funnel, a bit of air is blown in the top bag of the stack, opening the bag
  • The bag is moved to the left, over the funnel end
  • The movement of the bird into the funnel makes the legs fold
  • The upper white leg pushing block will catch both legs
  • The bird is pushed through the funnel completely, with the legs folded, into the bag
  • The machine moves back to starting position again

Upon completion, the operator will remove the bagged bird. The end of the bag is turned once by hand and then closed by means of a clip or tape sealer. The clip sealer or tape sealer (optional extra's) are mounted in the centre of the machine. The operator will activate the next sequence by pushing the packed bird down in the sealer and push the button with its left hand.


Four frame versions are available:

  • Stand alone model with 4 legged stainless steel table style frame
  • Same as above, with 4 wheels in fixed position
  • Same as above, with 4 castor wheels
  • Rail mounting version. The rail is mounted on the front of a row of receiving bins. This way the bird bagger can be easily moved from one bin to another

Three types of bag closing systems are available:

  • Tape sealer, using 12 mm tape
  • Clip sealer, Polyclip EZ 90 type
  • Clip sealer, CU1200, using wire on roll
  • Efficient and reliable operation
  • Optimised ergonomic design
  • Easy to clean and maintain