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One-way exhaust valve in the role of coffee bags

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Update time : 2021-07-11 16:26:39

Coffee bags as coffee beans and coffee powder packaging bags, among many goods, customers are concerned about the coffee itself in addition to brand awareness, in addition to the coffee bag packaging design is also a very important factor affecting their purchase. The more important point is, how can customers buy quality coffee without unpacking it? Very simple, that is to see if there is a one-way exhaust valve installed on the coffee bag!

1, due to the roasted coffee beans will produce carbon dioxide, this air valve can put the carbon dioxide out of the bag, in addition to blocking the oxygen outside the bag into the bag inside the oxidized beans, thus ensuring the fresh quality of coffee and eliminating the risk of the resulting expansion of the coffee bag bulge or burst.

2, in addition, in the coffee bag installed air valve, customers can directly squeeze the bag when buying, the aroma of coffee directly from the bag to let customers smell its aroma, so customers can better confirm the freshness of coffee (quality).

So coffee bags installed one-way exhaust valve is very important, more precisely: professional coffee bags must have a plastic one-way exhaust valve!

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