Single Chamber vs Double Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine
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Single Chamber vs Double Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine

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Update time : 2021-04-11 15:14:23
Vacuum packaging machines are used around the world to extend the shelf life of food and provide a more effective and simplified storage method by reducing the volume of the packaging. People use clothes to make clothes to save space, and companies in every country use it to package food that can last for months.   

As far as the food industry is concerned, vacuum packaging machines are common in every factory and can remove any oxygen in the atmosphere around the food. In turn inhibit the growth of any bacteria or fungi on the food. This process is very critical because it can extend the shelf life of products (whether animal products or fruits and vegetables).

Outside the food industry, vacuum packaging machines are equally important. Obviously, their purpose is not to remove oxygen from the atmosphere to extend the shelf life of the product, but to reduce the size and volume of the overall package. After the air is extracted from the packaging, most items will be reduced, so that the goods can be stored and transported more efficiently.

There are two main types of vacuum packaging machines in use today: single-chamber vacuum packaging machines and double-chamber vacuum packaging machines. It is obvious from the name that a single vacuum chamber machine contains only one chamber, so it is more suitable for smaller packages. Put the entire item in some form of plastic bag, and then close the lid. After that, all the air is sucked out of the chamber, forcing the plastic bag to shrink. Before the operator can open the chamber again, place a heat seal on the bag to prevent air from entering the bag again. Any item can be used in a single vacuum packaging chamber, including solids and liquids.

The double-chamber vacuum packaging machine has a larger size and capacity, and can accommodate liquid or solid vacuum packaging items. Therefore, a dual vacuum chamber machine must be used instead of a single vacuum container to seal medium or large items or packages. The mechanism is basically the same, except that the items are placed in the cavity in the plastic bag, the lid is closed, and the air is discharged. Generally, all dual vacuum chamber machines have auxiliary opening lids or automatic lids to help the operator. Compared with a single vacuum packaging machine, they work faster, more efficient, and can cover a larger distance in a shorter time. Dual-chamber vacuum packaging machines are usually associated with the packaging and storage of animal products (meat and dairy products), candy (chocolate) and empty cans.

One vacuum packaging method is not necessarily better than the other, it just depends on the size of the packaging. Items you wish to vacuum pack. If the item is small and compact and can be placed in a single-cavity vacuum packaging machine, the item should be used. If it is not suitable or slightly larger, then a double-chamber vacuum packaging machine is sufficient.

This is not the only option for vacuum packaging technology on the market. Another common choice that can be used in different industries is an automatic belt vacuum packaging machine. As the name suggests, the machine works along the internal conveyor belt, allowing products to pass along the way and vacuum packaging. Like the other two vacuum packaging methods, the items are placed in a bag or wrapped pouch in the machine. Once the lid is closed, the atmosphere is removed and the bag is vacuum packed. This vacuum packaging mechanism is more common in processed meats and larger dairy and animal products.

The last type of vacuum packaging you may encounter is a roller vacuum packaging machine. This is a larger and longer machine, which is different from the first three options because it leaves some gas in the package. This is a common technique similar to potato chips and salad packaging-replacing atmospheric oxygen with nitrogen or carbon monoxide to maintain the shelf life and form of the food.

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